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The greatest manga heroes from the Jump Force squad must protect our world
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Jump Force is a mandatory fighting game that is directly related to the popular manga and anime. Fans of the series will surely please the fascinating and, most importantly, recognizable gameplay with a focus on diversity - in arenas, fighters and combat mechanics.

Game features

• Spectacular fighting game, which players consider one of the most memorable in the genre • Single player storyline that affects over 40 recognizable characters • Flexible character editor that allows you to uniquely identify yourself to the maximum in the game world • Weighted and adequate gameplay in pultiplayer mode - dozens of hours of play with friends are provided! • A fairly simple gameplay - it will be appreciated both by the complete novices of the genre, and experienced gamers, who will enjoy more recognizable events and characters.

Jump Force is a true embodiment of the fans' dream that can please and surprise people who have nothing to do with fighting games and anime.   Buy Jump Force at the best price possible from us. Our store offers original Jump Force license keys for Steam at competitive prices.