Iron Harvest

Deep Silver, 01.09.2020
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Iron Harvest is a real time strategy game set in an alternate reality 1920
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Iron Harvest is a game that started out with quirky art. Naturalistic scenes of ordinary life of people in the first half of the 20th century, and huge, futuristic robots, as if they had come straight into our world from the dizelpunk reality. But once the developers decided to revive this world and finished off a story for it - the result was a real-time strategy.

Game features

Iron Harvest is set in a world similar to the era of the Soviet-Polish war in 1920. There are three opposing countries: Rusvet (USSR + Tsarist Russia with all the attributes), Polania (Poland) and Saxony (Germany). In addition to quite understandable technologies, the factions have technological robots and some futuristic technologies. Without further ado, it's time to get out on the field of glorious battles!

  • Stylistics reminiscent of the Red Alert series, and the game mechanics - on Company of Heroes

  • Unusual setting in general, as well as an interesting plot and campaign

  • Interesting game mechanics that are built around the strengths and weaknesses of combat robots

  • Lots of gameplay solutions that in the smallest detail create a coherent and original gameplay without copying the fully recognized classics of the genre

  • High level of destructibility of objects in locations

  • Exact balance of complexity and capabilities of different types of units

Iron Harvest is both an original and recognizable real-time strategy game that takes on a scale, as notable projects are rarely found in the genre today.

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