Iratus: Lord of the Dead

Daedalic Entertainment, 24.07.2019
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Conquer the army of chaos and become invincible necromancer who became free after a thousand years of imprisonment
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As usual in most games, people and living creatures as a whole are more often the main characters are good guys, undead are consumables for the first exploits. Are you tired of these postulates? With Iratus: Lord of the Dead, you have a luxurious opportunity to go to the dark side of power and show pathetic little people who the real master of their (so far) world is.

Game features

Iratus: Lord of the Dead - a turn-based tactical game in a setting of dark fantasy. The action takes place in the dungeons, where some miners accidentally free from the thousand-year imprisonment of the powerful necromancer Iratus, who was buried there once by a group of heroes. He did not particularly like the years of inaction, and the villain wants to take revenge on everyone and everything, conquering the world along the way. Taking the side of Iratus, you have to go through this victorious procession!

• Stylish embodiment of a fantasy world with lots of details • Original gameplay: turn-based battles and development on global maps, non-linear passage and randomly generated levels • An abundance of opportunities for the development of an undead army of skeletons, the living dead and other representatives of the afterlife • A modest but expressive graphic and sound accompaniment

Iratus: Lord of the Dead is a worthy representative of the roguelike genre, which will surely find its player.

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