New World Interactive, 22.01.2014
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Insurgency is the heir to the highly acclaimed mod of the same name on the Source engine, highly competitive and merciless, emphasizing the equality of all players.
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Are you tired of thoughtless and unrealistically colorful heroes in shooters? Then Insurgency is what you need. Immerse yourself in fear, danger and the filth of real military realism in this super-realistic multiplayer shooter. We guarantee that the war from now on will not be the same for you!

Game features

Insurgency is a modification for Half-Life 2, which has been developed into a full-fledged game. Users are offered a full-fledged first-person tactical shooter dedicated to the subject of the Iraq war and related conflicts between Americans and local bandits and freedom fighters in Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia.

• Hard realism of what is happening, where to die from the first shot - as easy as shelling pears • The decisive factor in the victory will be the ability to competently build team actions and play roles on the map • High detail and outstanding game design locations • Realistic physics and sound as indispensable components of furious gameplay • Epic battles: up to 32 players on the map simultaneously • 10 diverse game modes • Several dozens of sophisticated weapons that differ in their behavior in detail

Want a real war? Insurgency will give you her in full

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