Imperator: Rome

Paradox Interactive, 25.04.2019
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Imperator: Rome is the newest scale strategy from Paradox Development Studio
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Build the greatest empire from scratch, taking the reins at an early stage of history! In our store you have the opportunity to buy the game Imperator: Rome and go through all the stages of the formation of ancient Rome, starting with the era of Alexander the Great and ending with the flowering of Roman civilization. Developers provide an opportunity to flexibly beat events on a global map, offering, if desired, to literally go the other way from real historical events. You are not limited in choice - buy the key Imperator: Rome Steam and play the golden years of the ancient world as you see fit!

Game features

  • Global, generously flavored with game details strategy - in the best traditions of the series Europa Universalis
  • Each player's action has consequences - aggressive expansionism will necessarily affect trade with other countries, and the creation of a large army will dramatically affect costs.
  • A system of points that can be spent on game actions - military, religious, civil and public speaking points.
  • Emphasis on personalities and characters - in every accessible country there are a number of aristocratic families who claim power. You have to build a reliable "team" of subordinates holding state posts.
  • When making decisions, consider the ever-changing indicators of corruption, loyalty, popularity and fame.
  • Do not forget about the population, the development of technology, issues of religion, the management of the army - everything is thought out to the smallest detail.
  • The immense scale of the game world, which, together with a lot of game mechanics, creates a truly unlimited field of development.
  • Difficult, but thoughtful and friendly for beginners game world.

In sum, the “Emperor of Rome” is a near-perfect, well-developed strategy game, where you don’t have to be exchanged for conventions.

Where to buy Imperator: Rome

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