Impact Winter

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, 23.05.2017
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Gripping cruel world: you are waiting for a harsh winter, like that you have never seen
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Impact Winter is an indie adventure adventure survival game. After the fall of the meteorite, eternal winter reigned on the planet. A group of people are in an abandoned church. They have to survive for 30 days until rescuers arrive. Managing the main character, you will need to organize a quest for food, to protect people from wolves, diseases and other dangers. The game keeps you in constant tension - you don’t know where to expect a new threat from.

Game features

• Hardcore, visually minimal visual simulator of survival • Each character of the game is a person with his own strengths and weaknesses, which affects the course of development of the game • Completely non-linear plot and the ability to complete the game in several ways • Sophisticated and realistic resource manager for survival • A large number of random events on the map • Many locations and areas for research

Impact Winter is one of the most realistic opportunities to feel at the epicenter of a cataclysmic world.

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