Slitherine Ltd., 17.11.2020
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ICBM - real-time strategy about the global thermonuclear war
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ICBM is a global strategy game dedicated to the Cold War era. Choosing one of the world's superpowers, the player must lead it to victory by any available means, including nuclear weapons and the risk of destroying the planet.

Game features

ICBM is a stylistically minimalistic strategy with an auto-pause option that focuses more on the game aspects. In comparison with similar projects (DEFCON), it has more advanced capabilities.

  • Control of nuclear weapons of a superpower and the ability to destroy the world

  • Building units and economics that help achieve the goal

  • Visually comfortable and discreet graphics

  • Ability to play in multiplayer

  • Subtle humor and irony in relation to games of a similar genre and subject

ICBM is a humble yet stylish strategy that will impress sophisticated gamers.

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