Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition

PlayStation Mobile, Inc., 07.08.2020
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Full PC Edition Includes Horizon Zero Dawn and The Frozen Wilds Expansion with New Lands, Skills, Weapons and Vehicles
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Horizon: Zero Dawn is an unusual and attractive adventure project from all sides. Playing in a post-apocalyptic world, the player will have to return to the tribal system and engage in battle with mechanical creatures of unknown origin. The original was praised by both players and critics. Horizon: Zero Dawn Complete Edition is already an opportunity to enjoy all the possibilities of the game available at the moment in full. This version is useful both for those who are just planning to taste the game, and for those who have passed it and want to get the maximum content.

Add-on features

  • Full original version of Horizon Zero Dawn without cuts

  • Special update for the new version, where the developers have removed most of the annoying bugs

  • Graphics update

  • All the same fascinating setting and a large open world

  • Complete addition to the original

Horizon: Zero Dawn Complete Edition is a good choice for those who are not limited to the standard editions when buying really worthwhile games.

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