Hitman: Game of the Year Edition

IO Interactive, 07.11.2017
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Hitman from IO Interactive remains the best among the stealth games of recent years.
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After a controversial and fairly linear Hitman: Absolution, the creators of the series heard the requests of the players and took a decisive step towards the roots. The game Hitman lost the prefix in the title, got a lot in common with the beloved by all the original, the very first game about a bald killer, and also acquired a “serial” format, where new missions need to be opened gradually. But the main features of the new game are more than covered with inconvenience. And the version of Hitman: Game of the Year Edition will be a good general addition to the first season of a successful project. Buy Hitman GOTY Edition for Steam you can in the store Gamefy.Store. We guarantee Hitman license key for Steam cheap.

Game features

The creators of the stealth action took into account the wishes of the players, combined the game content together, corrected annoying errors. All this is Hitman: Game of the Year Edition. But it did not go without a new one.

  • New storyline: "Zero Patient" takes you back in four missions to already known, recycled maps (Bangkok, Sapienza, Colorado and Hokkaido). The hero needs to solve the problem of the spread of the deadly virus.
  • Three new costumes: Corky Corky costume, black sniper costume, cowboy costume.
  • Three new weapons: bat, Sieger 300 Ghost rifle, The Striker revolver.
  • New game mechanics, tests, updated AI, characters and dialogues.
  • Updated soundtrack.

Hitman: Game of the Year Edition - a nice content pack that can warm up the waiting for the new season. New features abound.

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