Hitman: Blood Money

Io-Interactive A/S, 15.03.2007
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Hitman: Blood Money worthily continues the tradition and takes the series to a whole new level.
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The history of the mysterious and laconic bald killer with a bar code on the back of his head stretches on the screens of monitors for 20 years. It steadily attracts crowds of players, and this love can be called as silently inexplicable. Despite the flaws, every new part and restart becomes hits. At one time, the fourth part of a series called Hitman: Blood Money, which is able to lure a player into its networks today, became an unconditional victory. For a long time.

Game description

Forget about the "seasons" and other related features of our time. Before us is a full-fledged story with a twisted plot, which does not allow fans of smart shooters to tear themselves away from the screens for a minute until the final credits. Rather, it will be very difficult to do this, you just get involved in the gameplay.

  • Swirling, cinematic plot

  • A flexible and thought-out system of stealth-passing game with a huge number of approaches to the implementation of each mission

  • Large arsenal of weapons and lotions for killer missions

  • Complex, hardcore action, where every unsuccessful action will be fatal, and the character is not an immeasurable superhero at all

  • Dynamic soundtrack that perfectly complements every mission, every room and every shot

Hitman: Blood Money is a classic stealth action game that is easy to keep afloat today.

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