Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, 13.11.2018
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Before Agent 47 there is a new task, which is to find a secret client. The path to the goal is not easy and full of travel and missions. The protagonist will open new facts about his past life, and help him in this his goal.
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Hitman 2 - a fascinating spy action that tells about the life of a mercenary. At this time, users are waiting for an even more fascinating story and a mass of dizzying shootings. Your goal is to survive and complete your order on time. If you want to dive into the world of adventures Hitman 2, you can buy the key to the licensed game in just a couple of minutes with our gamefy service.

Main characteristics

Without exaggeration, we can say that the second part of “Hitman” is the most successful game in the series. It combines not only fascinating action, but also an interesting storyline. The key features of the game are as follows:

  1. New open locations. The world has become even more! The game added six new locations, where the player can plan and implement the perfect kill. The levels are filled with details that significantly enliven the gameplay.
  2. Different types of weapons. Use the tools at hand for deadly purposes. You will be able to arrange "accidents" and trap enemies in the most unexpected places. The only limitation is your imagination!
  3. Orders from all over the world. The game has many new tasks that can be performed in various ways. You will be able to pass many tests and overtake the most elusive goals.
  4. New game modes. Try yourself in the "murder race" or "killer-sniper." These multiplayer modes will allow you to get the most out of gameplay.

To start the adventure of an assassin, download and install the game on your computer. Next, purchase an online Steam key on the gamefy service and activate it. You can pay for your purchase in several ways - we accept payments via the LiqPay system, using any bank card.