Hitman 2 - Silver Edition

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, 13.11.2018
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Silver Edition includes: Hitman 2 game. Set with equipment. Supplement No. 1.
6.84 $
21.30 $

The series of killer games with a barcode on the back of the head, continued in the person of Hitman 2, offers probably the most limitless possibilities for destroying various targets in silent ways. Today, users have the opportunity to expand the gaming experience and get the maximum maximum pleasure from playing with Hitman 2 - Silver Edition.

Features of the edition

Hitman 2 - Silver Edition offers additional exclusive elements to the original game, designed to expand the user experience.

  • Hitman 2 full version
  • Exclusive content pack equipment, available only to owners of this publication
  • Complete addition number 1
  • Corporate identity, where stealth missions on open maps can be completed in an unlimited number of ways
  • Smart opponents physics and artificial intelligence, which provide complete immersion in the gameplay

Hitman 2 - Silver Edition is a natural move for fans of the series.

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