Hearts of Iron IV: Colonel Edition

Paradox Interactive, 06.06.2016
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Victory is in your hands! Your ability to lead your country is your top weapon, and the strategic game Hearts of Iron IV gives you the opportunity to lead any nation during the second world war, the biggest conflict in world history.
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Persistently strive to gain the upper hand in World War II, but is there always something missing? With the release of Hearts of Iron 4: Colonel Edition, which includes tons of exclusive game content, opponents simply have no chance!

Edition features

Hearts of Iron IV: Colonel Edition - an expanded edition of the global tactical strategy Hearts of Iron 4. The developers have prepared a big surprise for fans, realizing here, probably, all possible expectations from the content component. Never before has the Second World War been so epic!

  • Full version of the original Hearts of Iron IV
  • Supplement Polish: United and Ready, which adds to the game Poland with all the unique development trees, graphics, units and leader portraits
  • New unit sets for all major gaming nations: Heavy Cruiser Pack, Soviet Tank Pack, US Tank Pack, British Tank Pack, French Tank Pack
  • Icon for the forum
  • Unique wallpapers based on the game

Hearts of Iron 4: Colonel Edition - must have for fans, implemented with the knowledge of things.

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