Hearts of Iron IV: Cadet Edition

Paradox Interactive, 06.06.2016
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Victory in your hands! Bring your country to victory in the most massive war in the history of mankind!
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Hearts of Iron 4: Cadet Edition is a special edition of the acclaimed global strategy. The kit includes the original game, the addition of Polish: United and Ready, the icon for the forum Paradox, as well as wallpaper for your desktop. The product will appeal to fans of the history of the Second World War and fans of the genre. To start the adventure, you need to buy the key Hearts of Iron 4 on our gamefy service. After that, activate it in your Steam account and start fighting for world domination!

Main characteristics

The action of the computer game begins in the thirties of the last century. To pass it, the player will have to create an efficient army in a short time, develop military science and stock up on resources. To win, you will have to rally around the nation, delve into all the nuances of international politics. The game has the following features:

  1. Total War. Sophisticated tactics are good, but in order to win, we need not only the army, but also factories, laboratories and factories. Without them, you will not be able to build modern equipment and supply your army with everything you need.
  2. Military operations. Simulation of battles made at a high level. Fights are in real time. To defeat the enemies, the player will have to show their talents to the commander to the maximum.
  3. Countries. You can play for both the great powers, and for small states trying to survive in the conflagration of world war.
  4. Living World. Weather conditions play an important role - snow, mud or thunderstorms can bring you or the enemy serious trouble.
  5. Diplomacy. Make covenants and trade agreements, because war is the time for political intrigue!
  6. Armament. Invest in the development of new types of weapons. Without them, it is physically impossible to defeat the enemy!

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Enters into Hearts of Iron IV:

  • Base game Hearts of Iron IV
  • Supplement Polish: United and Ready
  • Icon for the Paradox forum.
  • Wallpaper based on the game