GRIP: Combat Racing

Wired Productions, 06.11.2018
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GRIP is a cool combat racing car, trimmed with heavy weapons and space speed
13.94 $

GRIP. Combat Racing is an arcade survival race where the player takes control of a futuristic race car and sets off for races through fictional worlds. The main task is obvious - to get to the finish line, but at the same time the game offers a whole arsenal of weapons and special means. An infinite number of unexpected tactics gives almost complete freedom of action in the race.

Game features

  • Dynamic "racing with shooting" and a bunch of small parts, bonuses and other features that can make the trivial gameplay exciting and original.
  • A system of two slots for weapons, lechilok and traps - think over what you need in the game further, and build tactics of passing the route.
  • Truly, three-dimensional gameplay - you are driving not just over the surface, but constantly moving in different planes, giving off spectacular pirouettes and stunts.
  • Create a unique car, and countless customization tools in the designer - at your disposal!
  • Several different game modes.
  • Multiplayer and the possibility of cooperative games on one screen - in the best traditions of the games of the late 1990s.

GRIP. Combat Racing - furious, old-fashioned arcade racing in a pleasant and modern visual design that will provide you with a powerful adrenaline rush!

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