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Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar Games, 14.04.2015
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Los Santos is a city of bright lanterns, long nights and dirty secrets. Explore the city and manage the lives and actions of just three main characters. The party begins!
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Meet the new computer game GTA 5!

The new part of the series will allow you to plunge into the world of exciting adventures. Waiting for you hurricane action and addictive gameplay. This game has already been appreciated by gamers around the world. In the gamefy online store you can buy Grand Theft Auto V at the right price.

Game Features

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the once thriving town of Los Santos, which turned into a stagnant province, which became a haven for out-of-fashion movie stars. You will have a great chance to shake up the local population and the forces of law and order! The game has the following features:

  1. The choice of characters. The player has the ability to switch between three characters, each of which has its own criminal talents. Each character has a special charisma and different skills.
  2. Full freedom of action. A player can plunge into the criminal life of the town, for example, to arrange a large-scale bank robbery. The plot of the adventure depends on the user's actions.
  3. Different types of transport. Now the user has the opportunity to ride not only on modern car models, but also to get behind the wheel of a jet ski or aircraft steering wheel.
  4. New entertainment. In the new part of the game you can not only visit the strip bar or casino, but also find more interesting ways to spend your leisure time. The user will be able to play golf, go diving, jump with a parachute, etc.

Fantastic adventures. In the game there are supernatural events. The user has the opportunity to clash with a snowman, zombies and ghosts. To buy the keys to GTA 5 on our website you need to register. After creating a user account, you can make purchases online. Pay for, download the game, enter the key sent by us and enjoy!