Grand Ages: Medieval

Kalypso Media Digital, 25.09.2015
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Grand Ages: Medieval is a typical representative of the genre of urban simulation
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Grand Ages: Medieval is a classic representative of the global strategy genre, which aims to revive interest in the genre (especially on consoles, where there are few competitors). Gathering together the best sides of the recognized masterpieces of the genre, the developers offered gamers a hard-hit cocktail from war, diplomacy and economics in the surroundings of the Middle Ages.

Game features

• Detailed recreation of the atmosphere of the medieval world • Three game options: campaigns, individual scenarios and multiplayer battles with friends of up to 8 players on the map • The ability to take control of a small settlement and bring it to prosperity in an almost unlimited number of ways, through a flexible system of development of all the main aspects - trade, economy, military sphere and so on • Simple interface and intuitive camera, convenient controls adapted to modern consoles • Atmospheric music and a decent graphic component, no frills

Looking for classics in the genre of strategy? Grand Ages: Medieval has a lot of weighty arguments to win interest.

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