Golf With Your Friends

Team17 Digital Ltd, 30.01.2016
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Golf with Your Friends is an entertaining, challenging, multiplayer mini golf game for up to 12 players
5.87 $

Looking for an extremely simple fun with a group of friends to pass the evening or two online for hot and, without fail, uncompromising battles? Golf With Your Friends is a great idea for you, in that case. This is a very simple, but dynamic and love-oriented, online-game-oriented minigolf simulator that will force you to arrange a massacre, abruptly than top multiplayer-oriented games. Do not believe? And try it!

Game features

• Perfectly calibrated and balanced mini-golf for playing with friends (up to 12 people) • Light and pleasant cartoon graphics that emphasize the playful mood of the game • High-quality gameplay and interesting, diverse levels with lots of obstacles • The minimum number of bugs and brakes during the game, compared with the closest analogues

Golf With Your Friends is a semi-sports arcade game that we all deserve. The easiest and most worthy way to spend time with friends without worrying about the tactics and strategies of big games.

You can buy a licensed version of Golf With Your Friends from us, which the store offers at a reduced price, in comparison with the Steam platform.