Golf Club Wasteland

Untold Tales, 03.09.2021
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Golf Club: Wasteland is a sports arcade game with an adventure story set in the distant future
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Golf Club Wasteland is an original fusion of arcade sports and post-apocalyptic themes awaits the bravest players who are not afraid to try new things! The combination of a golf sim and a casual puzzle game will give unforgettably cozy hours at the monitor screen for gamers of all ages.

**Game Features **

According to the story, the world has come to an end. A group of the richest citizens of Earth managed to get out of this mess and settle on Mars. However, they got very bored there, so they turned the dead Earth into a huge golf course. Players will now have to travel through the ruined cities, play golf, and solve the accompanying puzzles. It's going to be fun!

  • Original idea and fusion of genres for those looking for something light and unobtrusive from the world of games, but at the same time exciting and fundamentally new

  • Nice graphics, animation and music that perfectly complement the gameplay

  • Variety of game modes with a wide range of game difficulty choices

  • Minimalistic interface and intuitive controls that are understandable to all gamers

Welcome to all new members of Golf Club Wasteland!

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