Goat Simulator

Coffee Stain Publishing, 01.04.2014
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The goat simulator is literally a goat life simulator. April Fool's joke that went very far.
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Goat Simulator is not just a game, but a kind of joke, where the user will have to take control of a goat in an open world. A small quarter of the city is open to your atrocities - damage to objects and killings of residents. You can buy a Goat Simulator steam key at a ridiculous price in the Gamefy store, so that, as they say, disappear for a while in a game where everything is allowed.

Game features

Goat Simulator on Steam - the development out of a funny demo, which suddenly gained viral popularity. In a game where the main goal is missing as such, you have to explore the world in the role of a goat. You can interact with all the items on the game map, climb the cranes, jump on the trampoline, break fences and catch limp people. Goat Simulator is worth buying, if only because it is the perfect anti-stress after a hard day, which is great fun and does not require mental effort from the word "absolutely."

  • Explore the open game world that is trying to seem real.
  • Perform mini-tasks and unlock achievements - scatter the refueling and become “Michael Bay”!
  • Flexible modification editor, which allows you to develop the basic idea in any direction.
  • Jump, bleat and grab objects with your tongue - do not limit yourself to actions.

And a good mood is guaranteed for a long time!

Buy Goat Simulator

The keys to the Steam version of the Goat Simulator are available on our website. Gamefy offers to buy Goat Simulator at a very low price. Buy the key, activate the game in Steam and get a sea of ​​mad adrenaline in the skin of a horned animal!