Get Even

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, 21.06.2017
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Cold-blooded mercenary wakes up in the building of an old psychiatric clinic, not remembering his past
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Get Even is an atmospheric thriller where the player will have to plunge into a series of puzzles. Performed in the style of a horror shooter, it is marked by the minimalism of the combat system and a striking plot. Solving riddles here is much more interesting than shooting - and shooting a lot will not work. But the developers did everything to keep the player in suspense at every turn.

Game features

Get Even is a non-standard action / adventure game in the best traditions of Christopher Nolan's films. The main character, rescuing a girl in an abandoned warehouse, experiences an explosion, finds herself in an incomprehensible place and is forced to try to remember what happened. For each step of the plot - new details to the denouement, which are presented very carefully.

• The original plot, which keeps in suspense until the end of the game; • Atmospheric music and locations; • The perfect story in the tradition of Hollywood films.

All together is a non-standard, unusual, but very exciting action project. The game deserves attention at least for its uniqueness.

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