Gas Guzzlers Extreme

Iceberg Interactive, 08.10.2013
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Gas Guzzlers Extreme - a dynamic, furious, aggressive, equipped with the latest weapons racing action!
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Gas Guzzlers Extreme is a crazy combination of an arcade racing simulator and a shooter where crazy battles at high speeds unfold on the track in an attempt by players to destroy each other with all available means and become leaders of the race. This genre does not happen too much, and all lovers of drive pokatushek here in store a lot of interesting and unexpected.

Game features

• Dynamic gameplay with automatic weapons, mines, smoke bombs and oil spills under the opponent’s wheels • Three diverse game modes: classic, where all methods are good, power mode and survival races • Juicy hard rock soundtrack that looks like a glove in this genre • Simple and nice graphics, plus a convincing destruction model • The possibility of cooperative passing and multiplayer battles

Gas Guzzlers Extreme - great in its simplicity, the option of action racing for the evening.

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