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Frostpunk is the first social survival game
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There are even fewer good games on the subject of steampunk - on the fingers of the hand, in the original setting. Therefore, you should buy the Frostpunk Steam Key to try your hand at the head of the settlement.

Game features

The case takes place in Britain of the late 19th century, where people have to unite into communities and try to survive against the background of the approaching ice age. Creating settlements around the huge steam generators, you have to bring to success the last chance for the survival of mankind. Consider, this path is full of difficult decisions and dual moral dilemmas.

  • Extract and use resources to sustain settlement life — coal, wood, steel, food.
  • Build new buildings, increase the scale of the city.
  • Send residents to hunt, assign workers in the city, invest resources in technology development.
  • Watch carefully for the condition of the residents so that everyone is warmed and fed. Otherwise, death will begin.
  • A complex and thoughtful technology tree, the gradual disclosure of which significantly changes the city.
  • Look for compromises - more forced to work residents for the sake of stability of the situation or give them a mandatory rest, so as not to “drive”.
  • Two parameters of morality, which will have to be considered: hope and discontent.
  • Cold, adjusted atmosphere of harsh peace and hopelessness.

Frostpunk is an original game in all respects that will appeal to fans of fantasy, urban planning / economic strategies, survival simulators and just original game worlds.

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