For The King

Curve Digital, 19.04.2018
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For The King is an exciting game that combines elements of strategy and RPG. Play singles or online with friends. Each game is unique due to new cards, events and achievements.
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For The King is a beautiful children's fairy tale. In it, you will become a participant in a fascinating story about a good king, under whose rule the state flourished. However, with his death, everything changed. The country was attacked by evil beasts, carrying terror and fear. To cope with the scourge must the protagonist, to whom the queen gives the task - to find a magician who can defeat the hordes of the undead and demons. To start the adventure, download For The King on Steam. The activation key for the licensed game can be purchased at gamefy online store at an affordable price.

Main characteristics

The product is made with high quality and professional. Successful mixing of genres makes the gameplay fun and diverse. The product combines strategy, adventure and RPG. Among the features:

  1. A mutable world. The game implemented a change in weather conditions and time of day. And all this has a strong influence on the gameplay. Locations - randomly generated, which has a positive effect on replayability.
  2. Heroes. At the start, only three protagonists are available. In total, they are ten. Over time, the team led by the player will expand. Each character has its own characteristics and skills. For example, the hunter has a powerful attack, crushing even the strongest armor.
  3. Weapons. Equipment plays an important role in battles. Changing weapons during the battle can significantly change the balance and gives the battles tactical depth.
  4. Bleeding. Earn focus points to gain new skills or improve old ones.
  5. Opponents. First you have to fight with wolves and petty evil spirits. Over time, they will be replaced by creepy monsters and bloodthirsty demons, who are not so easy to defeat.
  6. Underground. Battles will take place not only on the ground, but also under it. A variety of locations makes the gameplay interesting and fun.

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