Electronic Arts, 28.09.2018
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FIFA 19 is a new improved gameplay, new game modes and much more.
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A series of football simulators FIFA is probably the main conveyor of the game world, from which players expect a quality product every year. Developers carefully approach the game updates, gradually implementing innovations and honing the game mechanics to perfection, promptly eliminating errors, omissions and punctures at the same time. You can buy FIFA 19 cheaply in our store in order to understand that this movement is correct.

Game features

  • Global achievements in building tactics: you can create a team that has a unique game style
  • Convenient tools for quick control of tactics between masts and in the process
  • Improved, flexible artificial intelligence at all levels of complexity
  • More player involvement in the movement of football players on the field - you control their skills to the fullest
  • The next package of visual updates, which makes the game more pleasant to the eye
  • Original ideas for entertainment: for example, survival game mode: every player who scored a goal leaves the playing field until the end of the game.
  • Abundance of fresh game content: clubs, stadiums, leagues, football players and tournaments.

FIFA 19 is a worthy product line that clearly demonstrates the movement of the best football simulator to the future.

Where to buy FIFA 19

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