Far Cry Primal

Ubisoft, 01.03.2016
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Far Cry Primal - Prehistoric sequel to the series by Ubisoft
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The developers of the Far Cry series repeatedly offer the gamer a similar formula for playing in the open world. And each time it turns out pretty interesting, albeit too peculiar. In Far Cry Primal, this effect is enhanced, since it will cost for simple and understandable stories with an automatic at the ready. Now, players will travel ten thousand years into the past to fight wild predators and craft stone tips.

Game features

Far Cry Primal probably provides a unique opportunity at the moment to live in a more or less realistic prehistoric world. According to the plot, the main character must fulfill a standard (probably) set of heroes, as for that time: to find the promised land for his people and become a leader. That's just the search begins where there are many obstacles.

  • Conditional, but spectacular ancient world, where the developers tried to convey interesting details of the life and society of ancient people

  • Many mandatory game options that give realism to survival: food, fire production, the manufacture of primitive items that are very useful for the household, and so on

  • The world is very beautiful and diverse in terms of flora and fauna

  • All game mechanics for whom they love the FC series are saved

  • Interesting urban mechanics

Far Cry Primal offers clear gameplay that gamers have seen more than once, but all this is wrapped in a spectacular and fresh setting with a world that is simply nice to explore.

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