Far Cry: New Dawn

Ubisoft, 15.02.2019
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Far Cry: New Dawn continued Far Cry 5. The very county of Hope. 17 years after the nuclear explosion. The post-apocalyptic world is not at all gray and gloomy, its beauty is deceptive. There is a danger here at every step!
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Far Cry: New Dawn is a classic Far Edge and plot continuation of the fifth part of the series, whose action takes place in a colorful post-apocalyptic world. Break into the fight with the raiders a couple of decades after the disaster, exploring a huge, full of surprises, an open world in the format of an uncompromising action with role-playing elements.

Game features

  • Unique in appearance, bright, acid, and generously detailed game world of apocalypse ruined outback in the States
  • Original RPG elements that have become a novelty for the Far Cry series — a system of companions, standard and “legendary” types of weapons and opponents, and much more.
  • Large and completely open world, stuffed with side missions and charismatic characters
  • Flexible system of construction and development of the base, which provides movement along the main plot

Far Cry: New Dawn is a new breath of air in a slightly stagnant series, which will surprise and delight fans with development, and newcomers with quality gameplay in general

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