Far Cry 3

Ubisoft, 29.11.2012
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Far Cry 3 - continuation of the famous first-person action of the Far Cry series
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Far Cry 3 is a project in which the developers of the series continued the ideas of the previous part and provided players with the opportunity to plunge into the open world, a sandbox somewhere in the wild corners of planet Earth. But if in the second part it was Africa and a rather dead world without the interaction of its individual elements, but in this case a very lively and interconnected tropical island appears before the player, in addition to which a good story is offered.

Game features

One rich white guy with his friends decides to try his luck and goes to a mysterious island that is not on the maps. The island is teeming with bandits and drug trafficking, and local natives also live here. There is a huge war, and the main character is drawn into it ...

  • A huge open world where all the elements of the playing space are interconnected, and do not play the role of furniture

  • Detailed game environment with excellent graphics and physics

  • A fascinating story in the best traditions of the genre, which keeps in suspense until the end

  • Many side tasks that will help significantly expand the gameplay and stay in this world longer

  • Charismatic characters and fascinating dialogs

Far Cry 3 is not the main masterpiece of the past decade, but a game that has been registered in the hearts of gamers and pop culture in general for many years.

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