Far Cry 3 - Blood Dragon

Ubisoft, 01.05.2013
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Welcome to the future - in 2007. The atomic war shook the earth and the whole world turned into radioactive ashes
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Far Cry 3 - Blood Dragon - addition to the popular game, which can be considered an independent project. Leaving the backbone of the gameplay unchanged, the developers offered the players a relatively short, but fundamentally new story, riddled with insane humor. Everything has been done here with an emphasis on the plots of 1980s fighters, which is framed in the appropriate surroundings - both in terms of visual and sound effects. Players can only plunge into nostalgia and enjoy the uniform madness at every turn!

Game features

Far Cry 3 - Blood Dragon offers a new story about General Sloan, who flew off the coils, who organized a base on a remote island where he displays cyber dragons. A typical "universal soldier" will land on the island and show who is in charge of the house.

• Emphasized comic story, which has incorporated all the possible cliches of old fighters • Carefully preserved gameplay of the series, where exactly the same open world remained with unlimited possibilities for movement • Styling for 8-bit graphics in the interface and other details, as well as the classic soundtrack of the 1980s • A sufficiently high level of complexity as opposed to the frivolity of what is happening, which will make even experienced players sweat

Far Cry 3 - Blood Dragon - is a vivid implementation of all the ideas that developers of large games usually can not decide.

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