Fallout Classic Collection

Bethesda Softworks, 01.11.1998
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Your path will be full of dangers, lies and grief - pass all the trials of destiny!
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Played to the holes Fallout 3, New Vegas, 4? Not impressed with the new incarnation of the series in the face of Fallout 76? Perhaps it’s time to go back to basics and taste the unfading classics that have made the world of post-apocalyptic wastelands legendary. Yes, and the publishers themselves have done everything for this: time to meet the Fallout Classic Collection. You can buy a Fallout 1 and 2 license cheaply at Famefy.Store.

Features of the Fallout Classic Collection

Fallout Classic Collection is a collection of classic games of the Fallout series, released shortly after the release of Fallout 76. This package includes the full versions:

  • Fallout 1;
  • Fallout 2;
  • Fallout Tactics.

Fans and veterans of the series will get a magical opportunity to get a long time ago passed classic in a new wrapper, and beginners will be able to taste what the legend began with. Welcome to a perfectly tuned turn-based role-playing game, designed in a memorable post-apocalypse setting!_

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