Fallout : New Vegas

Bethesda-Softworks, 22.10.2010
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A dead nuclear war changed the world beyond recognition. He stopped being friendly and caring
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Fallout: New Vegas is not an addition, but essentially a full-fledged game released in the wake of the controversial and rather meditative Fallout 3. Having saved most of the content and graphic ideas, the developers created a new story on a completely new map. And Fallout became truly dynamic again, breathing faith in the best into fans of the series.

Game features

• A full game on the Fallout 3 engine and a new story in a recognizable world • New location - territories in the Las Vegas area, with a strip, Hoover Dam and other symbolic locations • A number of in-game fractions, the relationship between which greatly affect the passage (and several different possibilities for passing the main plot) • Increased density of the game world, this time competently filled with new content, a sufficient number of locations, quests and side characters • Modified role-playing system, which corrects the bias towards the action, fixed in the previous part • An abundance of new content that provides replayability and balance: enemies, weapons and ammunition • Respectful attitude to the series, an abundance of references to your favorite events and scrupulously preserved atmosphere of your beloved post-apocalypse world

Fallout: New Vegas is a game worthy of respect at the level of the first parts of the epic series.

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