The Evil Within 2

Bethesda Softworks, 12.10.2017
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Cute Action, a game of survival in the horror genre, where a terrible atmosphere reigns every minute. Everyone who likes the thoughtful and methodical gameplay must go through The Evil Within 2.
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The Evil Within 2 - the continuation of the legendary horror from the studio Tango Gameworks. In the gaming community, the game received quite high marks. To enjoy this atmospheric action, buy a Steam activation key to the licensed "Evil Vizin 2" on the gamefy service.

Main settings

The story of the adventures of detective Sebastian Castellanos received an impressive sequel. Events in the game take place three years after the completion of the plot of the first part of the horror. Challenging events are waiting for the detective - he has to go through real hell in order to find out what really happened to his daughter. The features of the game include:

  1. Survival in hell. The player is waiting for a meeting with a terrible beast that can tear him apart in a matter of seconds. Create traps, ambush and hide from enemies to deal them a crushing blow from long range!
  2. The evil world. A simple study of the area is already fraught with indescribable horror. You will meet with irrational fear - the usual silence and emptiness can hide a real nightmare. Do not wait for easy walks! You are in the most frequent hell!
  3. Distorted World. Dreadful dreams and frightening reality are intermingled, and it is not easy to distinguish one from the other. The idea that everything that happens is just a bad dream will not leave you throughout the game.
  4. Freedom of action. How to pass the game the player decides. You can get involved in a fight or avoid it - the non-linear passage makes the gameplay exciting and replayable.

To start the adventure, go to your Steam account and download the game. After that, buy our key to The Evil Within 2 and activate it. You can pay for the purchase with any bank card. We also accept payments through the popular LiqPay system.