To activate this DLC you must have the main game Europa Universalis IV

Europa Universalis IV: Art of War

Paradox Interactive, 30.10.2014
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You will enjoy a fascinating immersion during the Thirty Years War - the time of the struggle for hegemony in Europe, characterized by instability in relations between church and state
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Europa Universalis IV: Art of War develops the expansion tree of the series, introducing a new, very important page in history - the era of the Thirty Years War. Feel for yourself how religious issues can decide the fate of entire nations! The developers have done everything to immerse themselves in bloody times.

Add-on Features

• A detailed study of the Thirty Years War in Europe 1618-1648, presented by all parties to the conflict • Developed mechanics of battles on land and at sea, generously equipped with new game features • Ability to transform player vassals into fortified marks to increase protection • Renewal of diplomacy: sale of ships, denial of claims, reparations, etc. • New rebel game mechanics • Establishment of provincial autonomies

Europa Universalis IV: Art of War - the systematic development of the game in an episode of history that was impossible to ignore.

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