The Escapists

Team17 Digital Ltd, 13.02.2015
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The Escapists is a one-of-a-kind prison rebel simulator
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The Escapists is a simple and minimalistic at first glance, but powerful, if you delve into the gameplay as it should, an indie project on the theme of jailbreak. The player is provided with many interesting and detailed puzzles, the purpose of each of which is, accordingly, the escape of a hero or several heroes. But in order to achieve this, you need to strain the gyrus and play everything as if by notes.

Game features

• Low poly, primitive, but visually stylish game with a top view • Many diverse game situations for wagering • Thoughtful and realistic gameplay, including the way the prison works • Game mechanics that require a leisurely study of the world in order to establish the necessary connections and find suitable resources for the implementation of a particular task • Accordingly, the non-linearity of the passage of game levels

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