The Escapists 2

Team17 Digital Ltd, 22.08.2017
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The Escapists 2 - the best indie jailbreak strategy
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The Escapists 2 invites players to feel like prisoners again. It's time to organize an escape, and friends will help you with this! Try an improved and expanded in all aspects of the continuation of the beloved players and critics of the toy! Gamefy.Store offers to buy a Steam key for The Escapists 2 at a bargain price.

Game features

You have to take control of a prisoner who is serving a prison sentence. No visual excesses - a simple two-dimensional, grungy top view, but a sea of ​​fascinating gameplay ideas that will provide you with a complete immersion in history. Study the rules in prison, make a plan and implement your plans!

  • For the first time, four player co-op mode, including a split-screen game. Two variants of the game - cooperative passing and fighting.
  • New, modernized super jails, an updated crafting system and a sea of ​​new level passing options.
  • Updated combat system: target lock, block, light and heavy attack.
  • A brighter and more generously detailed game world that has remained faithful to the visual heritage of the original game.
  • More than 300 customization options for creating a unique character!

Try an impressive replaisibility experience - this game attracts with the possibilities of a very diverse and exciting gameplay.

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