Endless Space 2

SEGA, 18.05.2017
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In the game Endless Space 2 you are waiting for the role of civilization leader, who begins his way in outer space
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Endless Space 2 - the continuation of the acclaimed sci-fi strategy. The game has retained the advantages of the previous part, but there is a lot of new in the gameplay. Buy an activation key for the licensed “Endless Space” 2 in the gamefy online store, and create your interstellar empire!

Main characteristics

The new series will allow you to start an exciting adventure through the unknown spaces of the universe. Players have access to additional ways to explore the deepest depths of space. Gamers will not just create their own civilization, but to conquer the entire Galaxy - you will be able to embody your talents as a commander and policy to the full. Key features of the game are:

  1. New races. Now you can play as a parasitic faction that roams around other worlds, siphoning resources out of them. Build a civilization of this race is not easy, because its representatives for natural reasons, do not like the rest.
  2. Development. Capturing new worlds is not an end in itself. Develop the economy of the colonized planets and effectively solve internal political contradictions.
  3. Trading. Open your offices in all galactic systems, create a powerful merchant fleet. This is the only way to bring your people to prosperity!
  4. Policy. You can edit in different ways. Players have access to dictatorial methods and techniques of a democratic device. Choose which path is closer to you.
  5. Space battles. In the new part of the game battles with the enemy have undergone tangible changes. Fighting has become even more interesting, you can show your talent commander in all its glory.

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