Elite Dangerous

Frontier Developments, 02.04.2015
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Elite Dangerous is an epic multiplayer game that reimagines the classic space adventure
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Elite: Dangerous is a furious space simulator that once infringed on the glory of Eve Online and unexpectedly won a large audience. This is an open-world game where users have to evolve, trade, collect resources and upgrade the ship without plot restrictions. Everything is limited by the boundaries of space, which has virtually no boundaries.

Game features

Elite: Dangerous wins the hearts of gamers with its meticulousness and detail. This is not an adventure where the gameplay is based on plot twists; this game is more of a leisurely, detailed journey through a colossal world with lots of recreated details. There are no goals, but who prevents them from coming up where there are all the opportunities to write your own story?

The developers have been gradually developing the game with add-ons over the past five years, and in 2020, a new add-on will allow players to move freely around spaceships and stations, and the same stations can be built.

  • Beautiful world

  • Detailed gameplay that makes you feel like a real spaceship pilot

  • Thoughtful and very large-scale game world, which provides many opportunities

  • Ability to play online with other gamers

  • Endless opportunities for development

Elite: Dangerous is an epic space adventure worthy of the most demanding gamers.

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