The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Game of the Year Edition

Bethesda Softworks, 29.04.2002
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In Morrowind do not play, live in it. In the collection with the addition of Bloodmoon and Tribunal.
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The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind GOTY - licensed edition of the “Game of the Year” legendary RPG from the studio Bethesda Game Studios. It contains all the official DLC and add-ons. This edition can be the gem of your gaming collection! The purchase is also recommended for those who are just about to immerse themselves in exciting adventures in the province of Morrowind. Here you can buy the Steam activation key for the computer game The Elder Scrolls 3 on attractive terms.

Main settings

The game takes place in the province of Morrowind on the mainland of Tamriel, the home of the Dunmer (dark elves). During its passage, the player is waiting for a lot of exciting adventures - you can fully immerse yourself in the fantasy world, as well as learn its history and secrets. Features of the creation of Bethesda Game Studios:

  1. Huge world. The map includes dozens of cities and settlements, hundreds of dungeons, grottoes and other locations.
  2. No restrictions. The player does not hold back in actions and decisions. You can throw the main quest and go on a trip to Morrowind in search of treasure and adventure - the choice is yours. The main feature of this cult RPG - is complete freedom of action.
  3. Fight. To win battles with enemies, you need to show your skill mastering weapons and magic to the maximum. Suck your hero to acquire new skills.
  4. Enemies. Opponents are very diverse, including wild animals, goblins, trolls, lynch lords and other vermin.
  5. Characters. Create your own unique character. Your character can be a representative of one of ten races.

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