Dying Light

Techland Publishing, 26.01.2015
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Zombie apocalypse, which began at the resort will make you forget about sunburn and fight for your life.
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Dying Light is a good example of how proven ideas of the computer world are fused together with a durable conglomerate into an exciting toy. You have to play the role of a government agent who is sent to a city in the Middle East smitten by a zombie epidemic. The main character is waiting for a completely open world with changing time of day (the gameplay at night and during the day is very different). He will have to contact the few survivors in order to find the key to his own rescue and the salvation of the infected, amid armed conflict with local factions.

Game features

  • Complete freedom of action in the infected city - you can move along the main plot, or, putting everything aside, explore the corners of the game map in search of answers and solutions to side quests.
  • A first-person shooter that worked in small things, where you have to build survival tactics in a “relaxed” daytime period and on a crazy night, where danger lurks at every step.
  • The original arsenal, which in addition to small arms and cold arms includes fragments of water pipes, shovels, oars. All this can be upgraded to enhance the effects.
  • Cinematic combat system with an emphasis on melee combat and techniques in the spirit of fatality from the Mortal Kombat series.
  • Three flexible branches of the development of skills for survival, dexterity and strength, which, as they grow, open up new possibilities for the player.
  • Mandatory cooperative for 4 people - in the best traditions of the genre.

In sum, a verified game that does not reinvent the wheel, but feels confident in the long-trodden fields of storylines, settings, and gameplay finds.

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