Kalypso Media Digital, 04.02.2011
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DUNGEONS is a role-playing game with elements of strategy, adventure and interior designer simulator
7.14 $

You are not tired of the situation that good stably and boringly conquers evil? Especially in different fantasy stories. Dungeons developers decisively break the established tradition and offer the owners of their game to feel in the role of "manager" of a terrible and dangerous dungeon. Ahead is a lot of work - the construction and training of an army of monsters that will drive away far away (to another world) presumptuous “great heroes”.

Game features

Dungeons is a fun strategy that makes it possible to build a dangerous dungeon. The player must think over the economy and design of this maze in order to defeat all the good heroes who go there to “defeat dragons and save princesses”.

• Addictive gameplay with a plot where the bet is on the development of the army of monsters and the construction of traps • Stylish visual component that creates an atmosphere of presence • A huge amount of content that allows you to build rooms that are almost unlimited by imagination • Smart system of pumping and development of skills

Dungeons are the flip side of fantasy heroism, which can be much more attractive.

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