Dungeons 3

Kalypso Media Digital, 13.10.2017
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Evil is back with renewed vigor!
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What are most role-playing games about, especially in a fantasy setting? Good hero, cleans the world from evil demons and other evil spirits ... He enters the dungeon, and there is even more evil spirits - and defeats everyone, after which he takes prey, and peace comes around the world. Something like that. But what about the idea of ​​looking at the situation from a different perspective? In Dungeons 3, good guys do not seem enough, rest assured.

Game features

The main goal of Dungeons 3 - acting as evil, you need to rebuild and develop the dungeon, periodically destroying the crowds of good heroes wandering here. And for this, developers have stocked up a sea of ​​interesting features.

• A simple but exciting story campaign where the protagonist should act as the priestess of the dark elves Talia • A powerful economic component, where the development of the dungeon plays an important role • Destruction of enemies is possible by hiring an army of dead and evil, or by setting cunning traps • Flexible system of leveling and character development • Pleasant visual and sound frame gameplay

Dungeons 3 is an original and very attractive solution in case the soul asks for something uniquely fresh.

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