Dungeons 2

Kalypso Media Digital, 24.04.2015
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Dungeons 2 moves the whole series forward and will become an unforgettable weekend adventure for all who are partial to evil and good black humor
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What about the terribly tempting idea to pay homage to evil in classic fantasy stories? Who cares about these noble princes and heroes when they can be sent in batches to the next world? Dungeons 2 - the second part of a series of games made according to the canons of the legendary Dungeons Keeper. This is a mix of role-playing game and strategy, where the protagonist has to take the role of the Dungeon Guardian - the primordial evil that controls the dungeon and is ready to set its servants on everyone who tries to get here. You have to sweat to build the perfect Dungeon of Evil!

Game features

  • A detailed "urban" strategy about the dungeon, with the ability to go on missions to the surface - a novelty for the genre

  • A large number of resources and units for the development of the dungeon, which can be expanded to suit any player’s needs

  • Diverse gameplay in general

  • Ability to play for undead or horde

  • A fascinating combat system where tactical skills come in handy

  • Nice and friendly graphics

  • A fascinating plot

  • Humor, as an additional highlight

  • Successful soundtrack

Summarizing, Dungeons 2 is a successful representative of the genre, which stores the postulates and develops them using fresh, always relevant ideas and a mechanic.

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