Bethesda-Softworks, 13.05.2016
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DOOM is a first-person shooter from the studio idSoftware. DOOM 2016 is a re-launch of the legendary series
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Doom is an iconic series of shooters, which has had and continues to have a crazy impact on the entire gaming industry, in 1993 and today. Each time, the developers repeat the same story about an unnamed hero stuck on Mars in the company of hordes of bloodthirsty demons from a parallel dimension - and each time they make it a real event. So it happened with the release of 4 parts of Doom in 2016.

Game features

Doom 2016 repeats the plot of the first part of the series. All that is implemented on a new one is a technical component. Having preserved the refined structure of the classic first-person shooter, the developers presented us with hours of stunning gameplay, which everyone was bored with a long time ago.

• Vivid and expressive graphics, convincing physics, detailed study of playable weapons to the level of sensation • An atmosphere of constant voltage, where there is no place for endless first-aid kits and thoughtless waste of cartridges; have to think about every step • Constant dynamics, competent game design and many monsters to which you need to look for an individual approach • Intricate levels with many puzzles and puzzles • Multiplayer, which will add pleasant emotions after completing a single player game

Doom - all the same as in the early 90s, but in accordance with the spirit of the times. An old-fashioned shooter that surpasses the playability of most genre rivals of the present.

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