Do Not Feed the Monkeys

Alawar Premium, 24.10.2018
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Do Not Feed the Monkeys is a unique peephole simulator with multiple endings and nonlinear storytelling
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Do Not Feed the Monkeys is a super-original indie project where developers offer a gamer to act in a peculiar role of a person who spies on others using hidden cameras. Sitting in front of the virtual monitor screen (while sitting in front of the real monitor screen), you have to watch many unfolding scenarios. And the outcome depends on the player’s further actions. Everything should come to the full passage of the game, which will become clear in the process of performing in-game tasks.

Game features

  • Emphasized clumsy visual style of the game in the spirit of the 90s games, which gives the gameplay the necessary charm

  • A large number of fascinating stories and scenarios

  • Hardcore gameplay, and playing the game completely the first time is almost impossible

  • Non-standard gameplay that can tighten at a glance

Do Not Feed the Monkeys - the game is too specific, but it is able to draw nodgo in its networks. All fans of everything original are recommended.

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