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Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of fierce cold, eternal night and crazy visions
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Distrust is an adventure / strategy with elements of horror, the main source of inspiration for the creation of which was obviously the cult film "The Thing" with Kurt Russell in the title role. Gamers emphasize the extremely high genre originality of the project, along with attention to the atmosphere and details of the story.

Game features

The action takes place at the Arctic station, where the main character falls in the company of a satellite. They are part of a group of rescuers who were sent to this station, which showed no signs of human presence. Now they need to solve the mystery of the station and endure for a long time without sleep, boiling in a cauldron of paranoia and icy madness.

  • Unique, randomly generated base

  • Ability to choose a game character from fifteen options

  • Passage of the game together in a cooperative

  • Accurate, sticky and oppressive atmosphere without typical genre screamers, but constantly supporting horror

  • A multivariate story that offers many plot forks and several ending options

  • A difficult survival factor, where you constantly have to follow the indicators of cold, hunger and fatigue of characters

Distrust is an intriguing project that deserves the close attention of hardcore gamers, at least just for the sake of genre mixing. But from the point of view of technical implementation and gameplay, everything is in order. It will be terribly interesting ... Scary and interesting!

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