Private Division, 16.06.2020
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Disintegration is a sci-fi first-person shooter set in the near future.
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Disintegration is a smart shooter with elements of real-time strategy and tactics, which is designed to attract the attention of the most hardcore gamers, as well as those who want to try something more authorial and non-standard, moving away from the “gold standards” of the popular FPS franchises of our time . Focusing on the original NF setting, concept and history, a small development team created a very original and effective project.

Game features

Disintegration is dedicated to the history of the distant future, when a wave of crises approached the Earth and put humanity on the brink of survival. Fortunately, salvation was found in the technology of transferring the human mind to the body of a robot. After living for some time, people planned to return to the newly cloned biological bodies, but there were many fans of the established state of things. Now, human robots are transforming the remaining similar ones, but the protagonist and his allies oppose this.

  • An original sci-fi setting that you want to explore

  • Many original and diverse missions that will not let you get bored

  • An interesting fusion of action and strategy, which is best tested in action yourself, than trying to explain something in words

  • Beautiful picture and just the perfect soundtrack for this kind of adventure

  • Tons of ​​opportunities for combat, given the ability to coordinate the actions of partners on a virtual team

Disintegration is a fresh attempt to add something special to the first-person NF shooter genre, and it looks balanced in every sense.

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