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Dishonored is a dive into an action game from the first person in which you play as a warrior - a killer with extravagance driven by a sense of revenge
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Dishonored - the legendary action from the studio Arkane Studios. The actions of a computer game unfold in a fictional universe in the style of steampunk. This is the first part of the series that gamers from all over the world have loved. Buy an activation key and in a couple of minutes you will be able to plunge into the world of Dishonored.

Main characteristics

The main character is Corvo, the queen's bodyguard. After the mysterious murder of the first lady of the state, he is accused of treason and put in prison. The goal of the game is to unravel the evil designs of enemies and emerge victorious from the battle. For which features the game is so loved by users:

  1. Huge world. Explore every corner of the gloomy city, in which almost everything is enmeshed in intrigue and malice. In this world, the achievements of science and magic complement each other.
  2. Nonlinear plot. The walkthrough includes many non-linear branches. Your achievements will directly influence the main storyline, and each player will be able to write their own story.
  3. Sophisticated killings. Combine technological tricks and magic - so you can effectively destroy enemies, while remaining unnoticed by enemies.
  4. Paranormal abilities. The main character will acquire magical abilities. He will be able to inhabit living beings, stop time and find a way out of the most difficult situations.

To start your adventures, download the official version of the game, then buy a Steam key from us and activate it in the system. After that, all the functionality of the game will be available to you. You will be able to plunge into the adventures in the dark style of steampunk. To make a purchase, create your account on the gamefy service, add a product to the cart and pay for it. You can transfer payment using any bank card. Clients of the service also have the opportunity to pay for purchases through the LiqPay system.