Dishonored 2

Bethesda-Softworks, 11.11.2016
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Dishonored 2 is a world where mysticism, magic and technology are combined. You can choose who to play: empress Emily Caldwin or royal defender Corvo Attano.
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It's time to return to the island empire. Since the events of the original game in this world 15 years have passed, during which a lot of secrets and conspiracies have accumulated. The main character will have to immerse themselves in a new story in the game world, which has preserved and multiplied the merits of his favorite adventure game.

Game features

Dishonored 2 is an action-adventure with Stealth elements. The game takes place in the city of Karnak, a fictional Island Empire. The main character will have to unleash a conspiracy that threatens the existence of the entire country. On this way, you will have to meet both new heroes and familiar characters from the last part.

  • The developers took into account the wishes of gamers and paid more attention to the plot, which, though not without a cliché here, is pleasing with integrity and dynamism
  • The main advantage is the gameplay, and here the player has almost unlimited space for exploring the world, finding different approaches to performing tasks
  • Two fundamentally different playable characters, each of which has individual capabilities
  • Juicy, slightly repulsive, somber visual style that gives volume and atmosphere to the passage
  • Ability to complete the game without violence, but in a very exciting format.

Dishonored 2 is a worthy and even very successful development of the beloved game, which carries away and has no obvious shortcomings

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