Devil May Cry 5

CAPCOM Co., Ltd., 08.03.2019
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The best of demons hunters returns to the new stylish action game
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Meet the continuation of the popular Devil May Cry 5 series!

The game has already received a lot of rave reviews in the gaming community. An interesting plot, beautiful graphics and exciting gameplay are the main trump cards of the novelty. On the gamefy website, you can buy a Steam key for this game on attractive terms.

Key features

The Steam gaming platform is the easiest way to start playing Devil May Cry 5 hurricane action. After activating the key, you will be able to plunge into new adventures of Dante. According to the plot, the demons managed to gain control of the media, and spread a super drink that enslaves the will. Now the factory for processing human souls is working at full capacity. You have to break the demonic plans and once again save humanity from destruction.

The key features of the game are as follows:

  • New story. Dante changed the image, becoming more stylish and attractive. But the most important thing is that he is ready to reveal the secret of his birth.
  • New characters. In the duo Nero and Dante replenishment. Now in their team is a beautiful craftsman Niko. Each character has their own abilities and skills, which significantly increases the replay value of the game.
  • Terrible enemies. During the game you have to destroy hordes of a wide variety of demons. To win over some of them will have to sweat pretty, because the standard methods will not work.
  • Secret levels. Passing them, you can replenish health points and gain additional experience. To gain access to such tasks you need to find the keys, and find the door that they open.

After activating the key to the game in your Steam account, you will get access to the licensed Devil May Cry 5. Making a purchase occurs as quickly as possible. After payment you will instantly get the key, and you can plunge into the world of Dante's amazing adventures.