Requires installed Destiny 2 game

Destiny 2: Upgrade Edition

Bungie, 10.12.2019
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Play Destiny 2's cinematic storyline alone or with friends, join forces with fellow Guardians for challenging cooperative missions, or compete against them in a variety of PvP game modes
14.81 $
20.62 $

Want to get the most out of the Destiny 2 world? Now you have the opportunity to combine a range of add-ons under your wing, without having to waste time searching for all the content. It is enough to buy Destiny 2: Upgrade Edition to enjoy the gameplay of the hit futuristic shooter without compromise.

Edition features

Destiny 2: Upgrade Edition is a set of add-ons that are installed on top of the original game. You have the opportunity to expand an already huge world with new storylines, locations and content.

  • The kit includes two official add-ons to the game, which were widely recognized by gamers - "Forsaken" and "Shadowkeep"

  • Forsaken is an addition with a new storyline that unfolds on the added location "The Reef"; 9 new superpowers included, among other new content

  • Shadowkeep - return to the Moon, where everything has undergone total updates and redesign; add-on with an overwhelming level of mystery, crushing questions from everywhere and a sticky atmosphere of horror

  • Season pass for the current season

Destiny 2: Upgrade Edition is a quick way to get all the best add-ons for your favorite game.

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